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Comparison of SSD laptops

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So I’ve been doing some research on laptops thought I’d share.

I was looking for a fairly high end  / powerful programmer laptop that still won’t be impossible to fit onto the train, so thinking the 15″ is about the sweet spot, though I also looked at a couple of others.

Also I’ve heard amazing things about SSD drives (over and over again) and in particular various claims that they are especially good for speeding up your build time (due to many, many small files needing to be read during the average build).

With that in mind went looking for a 15″ laptop with SSD and found the following options to be fairly compelling. Despite a few misgivings the HP Envy 15 looks like it might be the ticket, if I can stop day dreaming about the idea long enough to actually do it that is!

                     Base Price           
Brand Type Width Length Height Weight RAM SSD SSD Type Chip  USD   NZD  GST Shipping NZD Shipped Comment
Latitude Z 16″ 15.6 10.7 0.79 4.5 4 512   2 Duo SU9600 $3,498        $      5,590.75 Isanely thin – RAM fixed at 4G
15″ 14.35 9.82 0.95 5.5 4 256   Core 2 Duo          $      4,800.00 Hey it’s a mac – and price to boot
SagerNotebook15 15″ 14.75 10 2 7.38 6 160 Intel..g1? i7-820QM P  $           2,759        $      4,451.88 Way too thick and strangely expensive
HP Envy 15 – 2 SSD 15″ 14.96 9.6 1.04 5.2 6 320 Intel g1 i7-820QM   $           2,375        $      3,860.10 Looks great but ..
HP Envy 15 – 1 SSD 15″ 14.96 9.6 1.04 5.5 6 160 Intel g1 i7-720QM  $           2,145        $      3,505.65 Looks like a good option – not sure about heat/battery
from second drive
Latitude E6500 15″ 14.1 10.1 1.3 5.2 4 256   2 Duo T9600   $          
       $      3,419.35 Not avail in NZ
Sager Notebook14 14″ 13.3 9 0.95 3.44 4 160 Intel..g1? Core 2 Duo  $           1,499        $      2,510.10 Cheap, but then it’s the only 14″ I looked at


Intel G1 SSD do OK for performance but don’t support TRIM

Intel G2 not available configured approx NZD800 to install your own

Just the base price – tried to make comparable by not selecting lots of options

SSD in HP Envy a little cramped by crap RAID controllers


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December 2, 2009 at 6:54 am

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3 minutes with a 4 year old =”start menu lockers”

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Look what happens if you leave a 4 year old unattended with a computer for 3 minutes.

Laptop on the kitchen table after we attempted to do a budget. Conversation goes like this

Me  – Ezra, Noah, don’t play with that.

Me – (turns away to make some coffee)

Me – Ezra…

Me – Ezra! I said don’t play with that.

Ezra – I’m just trying to get the blocks away.

Me – (retrieves laptop from table). Holy heck. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as ‘start menu lockers’.

Who knew?

Who knew?

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October 6, 2008 at 2:52 am

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For taking photographs of meeting notes on a whiteboard

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Thought folks might find this useful

Haven’t used it, mind you, just saw it mentioned here..

.. but looking at the demos it sure looks cool. Let you know if I try it – not that anyone reads this blog.  (Hopefully 😉

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August 15, 2008 at 1:13 pm

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Forcing “Convert to Web Application..” to see errors in VS.NET

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Sometimes I mess with the tags enough so that VS.NET gets upset with me and refuses to auto-update the usually automatically updating.. WebForm1.aspx.designer.cs.

Now I know that this is because something is not valid, well OK I understand that. What bugs me – it doesn’t tell me why, just silently fails to update the designer.cs.

Here’s my workaround:

1. Delete WebForm1.aspx.designer.cs completely.

2. The “Convert to Web Application” option appears on right click menu for the .aspx (or .master). When I run this, it gives me errors.

Yay, now I can fix the errors.

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May 26, 2008 at 11:03 pm

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quote of the week “communities need love not math”

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Just saw this this great quote on Knol vs Wikipedia and thought that it was worth spreading wider.

“I mean knol is being announced by Google’s engineering vp. Lolz. That’s telling of Google’s DNA – and why that DNA always blocks Google from building true networks/communities.

Let me make it as simple as possible: communities need love to work – not math.

So true! And what a great quote. That’s also why google video failed and they had to buy YouTube. Still not quite getting it over at the googleplex!


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December 19, 2007 at 11:04 pm

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Two Great Upgrades

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Two reasons to be super grateful this week..!

So.. Thank you reddit people.

And.. Thank you Daily Show people.

You both rock!

…And hey, while we’re at it.. thank you Radiohead as well.

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October 19, 2007 at 11:19 am

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“998?” I inquired, “what can I do for you?”

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using System.IO;

using System.Text;

using NUnit.Framework;

namespace ParseText.Test



public class TextGenerator_Test : BaseTest



public void TestGenerate()

ParseTrace.OutputLevel = ParseText.TraceLevel.Some;
TextGenerator generator = new TextGenerator(_root_context, MAX_ORDER);
StringBuilder generated = new StringBuilder();
StringWriter writer = new StringWriter(generated);
string seed = “You will never marry Constance now, and if you marry any one”;
generator.GenerateText(seed, LENGTH_TO_GENERATE, writer);
TestTrace.TraceIf(TraceLevel.Lots, “generated :” + generated.ToString());
Assert.That(generated.ToString().Length == LENGTH_TO_GENERATE + seed.Length, “generated text not the right length”);

------ Test started: Assembly: ParseText.Test.dll ------Parsing file dataEgyptionBookOfTheDead.txt
Done parsing file dataEgyptionBookOfTheDead.txt
Parsing file dataTheKingInYellow_Chapter1.txt
Done parsing file dataTheKingInYellow_Chapter1.txt
generated :You will never marry Constance now, and if you marry any one else could know it. Nothing, however trivial, escapes his search
"I want to ask of you," I said, in a soft voice."Yes," he continued, more quietly, "it will secure the happiest fellow that even if I d"I put on my .
"Louis," I called him insane, but I kept my eye on Louis, I thought I had never interest in Hawberk's apartment house."Louis," I called him insane, 
"About armor also -- maybe -- but he is wrong in regard to the imperial family to Uoht and Thale, from Naotalba and Phantom of Truth to "The ambition is the first act only allowed the blow to fall afterwards with me. It was flat and pointed out to Vance what his share in 
"998?" I inquired, "what can I do for you? "In Mr. Wilde had climbed before me. Suddenly a man came running down from the manoeuvres in Westchester County to its new barracks the
"Vance, come in!" cried Mr. Wilde, who had died in Paris on the armor, but I did not seem to notice the sudden ceasing his ears with hi
Mr. Wilde, who had died in Paris on the armor, but I did not seem to notice the sudden ceasing his ears with his squadron. He was eccen Mr. Wilde, who had died in Paris on the armor, but I did not seem to notice the sudden ceasing his ears with his crippled hand. "Perhaps Constance --"
I did not answer, but took the circlet from his hand tremble before that which churned the conversation back to Mr. Wilde and myself.
1 passed, 0 failed, 0 skipped, took 11.41 seconds.

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September 18, 2007 at 9:51 am

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